Garlic. A paradigm shift.

in post production.

Garlic was created to exploit the possibilities of current technologies.

If you need the freedom to proceed in a more traditional way, let's say made to measure, Garlic Haute couture will allow you to carve out a tailor-made service.

But as for the difference between Haute couture tailoring and Prêt-à-porter, if the customer has clear ideas about size, material, shape and color, then it will be much more convenient to take from the shelf of Garlic  Prêt-à-porter, taking advantage of the clarity of the Modules.

logo Garlic

Because we believe that the only way to make post-production more efficient is to progressively lead to greater responsibility for the actors taking part in the realization of the final product, starting from the customer, going through the creative part, to the productive part, to allow greater efficiency in the creation of the audiovisual product. We need to find a system that rewards being resolute in defining needs, which will show the advantages of a precise definition of requests and certainty in responses. A system that allows you to collect questions in blocks that can be answered by better organizing resources.

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